Personality and Mood Boards

by yeapxelinn

Mood boards help identifying ideas and direction at the very start of a project. We were asked to create 2 to 3 mood boards that contain the things we like. We were paired up to exchange observations and analyse each other’s mood/interest boards. My partner was Jo! The conclusion of this exercise was that mood boards inform not only ideas but also style and personality. These are our analysis.

These are Joseph’s boards.

jo#1 jo#2

Joseph’s theme revolves around mythical fantasies. Most of the images are rather gothic verging a violent nature. Although rather aggressive and edgy, glamorous hints can be seen throughout these 2 boards. The images and layout are dense, dark and sinister in a way.

In contrast, my boards are quite minimal and pastel. I love layering different textures of organic and artificial elements. These are the descriptions regarding my boards: artistic, bizarre, playful, colourful, fantasy, spiritual, surreal, earthy, pastels, mysterious, delicate, pattern.




I am always intrigued by different senses since young, probably from my keen sense of observation, smell and touch. I do not know when the habit started, but I take great curiosity in the textures of objects, the way they look, the way the smell and sometimes how they taste. I can relate myself to Amélie from the film Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001). The way she dips her fingers into grains and counting the amount of people having orgasm from her roof (not to this extend, of course).